I'm Going to Have to Science the $%#& Out of This

Though he refers here not to catastrophic environmental change, but instead to his own particular predicament, the observation of stranded astronaut Mark Watney of Andy Weir’s novel The Martian can well be applied to the former. The world-spanning threat of climate change will not be defeated, countered, or ameliorated by inaction, by wishing, by lying to ourselves about the facts, or by hiding our heads in the proverbial sand and pretending the problem doesn’t exist. It will require the limitless capabilities of the human mind to turn science and technology - the very things that have brought about environmental collapse - into tools for repairing or even reversing the damage. 

The history of bees

The materials assembled under this theme concern themselves - whether as explicit plot events or as key background elements- with humanity’s attempts to science our way out of existential catastrophe.

Vanguard science fiction: [v. 1, no. 1, June 1958]
Sunvault : stories of solarpunk and eco-speculation
Ecotopia : the notebooks and reports of William Weston
Solarpunk : ecological and fantastical stories in a sustainable world
Gods, monsters, and the lucky peach