Map Resources @ TAMU Libraries

Sterling C. Evans Library Collection

The map collection at Evans includes over 250,000 print maps and aerial photographs. The collection strengths are materials representing Texas, United States, and Central and South America. We have a large collection of topographic material from all regions of the world. The collection includes historic and modern Brazos County aerial imagery, worldwide travel and recreation maps, political maps, outline and base maps, physical sciences maps, special category maps, and historical maps. We have holdings of foreign thematic maps, including a large selection of WWII era Army Mapping Service maps. Most maps are early 20th century to the present.

Cushing Memorial Library and Archives Collection

The Map Collection at Cushing was officially formed in 2019, with a foundation of donated maps from Ron and Jane Woellhof. The Woellhof donation contains over 100 maps from the 15th and 16th centuries, the majority of the collection is city views produced by well-known map makers. The Map Collection holds maps, atlases, and charts by early master cartographers, both printed and manuscript. Maps are collected in multiple editions to reflect the changing understanding of world geography, with duplicates of the same edition collected in order to hold both a colored and uncolored copy. The Map Collection supports research on the social, political, technological, artistic, and historical aspects of cartography, exploration, and spatial data visualization. In addition to the curated Map Collection, there are maps located in other archival collections at Cushing, including the unique Maps of Imaginary Places Collection.